Relevant Workshops


Research shows:

If you are taught, you will retain about 10%

If you write it down, you will retain about 20%

If you see visuals, you retain 50%

If you are involved, you retain 80%

If you create actionable next steps, you retain as much as 90%.

In our opinion, anything less than 90% is a waste of your money.

Becoming an incredible leader it not unlike becoming a skilled doctor, golfer, pianist, lawyer or soldier. You may learn information from studying a book, you may gain insight from sitting in a class but application and practice are the key to learning. No one learns to swim by reading a book…you have to get in the water.

Relevant Workshops are highly interactive and stress application and practice. No one rides the bench at our workshops and everyone gets to bat. Swing hard.


          Intentional Leadership – Fundamental principles of leadership within the context of Results, Execution and Integrity. This is our core curriculum and the foundation of a typical coaching implementation as well as the other relevant workshops.


          Intentional Teamwork – Behind every Intentional Leader there must be an equally Intentional Team. Intentional Teams understand that anyone who complains about a weak leader yet fails to encourage better (more intentional) leadership, deserves the level of leadership they are currently getting.  This Relevant Workshop helps us embrace our identity as an Intentional Teammate and challenges us to demonstrate the courage, power, integrity, responsibility and sense of service that it requires.


          Intentional Coaching – Co-creating a coaching culture for leaders and their teams. A Intentional Coaching culture is defined by a high value for learning and growth. As leaders become more coach like, their capacity for leadership only grows.


          Intentional Legacy – Principles of sustainability; how to build lasting leaders and results. Anybody can get short term results but the best companies are built for the long haul. They produce consistent results over time.

If you believe in continuous personal improvement, can humble yourself to learn, and are willing to do the necessary work…have we got a workshop for you! Contact us today to get more information and jump right in…the water is fine.

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